This is Nugget. Baby faced kitty with a heart of gold and a soul of destruction. My life has not been the same since he came along.

Nugget grew up in a high-rise apartment in a big city. It was a concrete jungle and a pretty boring one at that. After three years of that nonsense we decided it was time for us to spread our catwings. About 9 months ago we moved into a house with a big backyard and a dog.

A DOG!!?! Not just any dog. Chloe.


That’s another story for another day, but as time passed Nugget started to follow Chloe everywhere, including outside. It’s a brand new world out there. For a city cat, he’s not used to the great outdoors but with Chloe showing him the way, he’s confidently strutting his stuff.

My favorite part of giving Nugget some freedom outside is that he always checks in. When it is nice outside and we’re home, we leave the backdoor open for Mr. Nuggs (one of his many nicknames) and Stu (one of Chloe’s many nicknames) to go in and out as they please. Lately, Nugget will venture outside and once every half hour or so, pops back inside to put eyes on me and give me a chirp of “hello” before heading back outside. I don’t know if that’s the definition of love in the animal kingdom but it certainly feels like it. I’d take a bullet for that cat and almost certainly he’d do the same for me.

This is Mr. Nugg’s lyfe.